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Topic subjectdo you think mailing services works??
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1061, do you think mailing services works??
Posted by majolo0612, Wed Jun-04-08 01:13 PM

Hi everyone,

Thank you for helping me out before. I really like how people can help with great ideas and suggestions on this side, very happy!
Thank you

Anyway I need some help with this question does mailing services works?? I have a small residential & commercial cleaning services. I have sent about 600 postcards to couple residential subdivisions letting know about my business and what I offer but I do not know if will works. I sent them last week and as right now I have not receive calls at all. how long do you have to wait?? how many times do you have to do this 2 3 times and then may works??

there is any other way to get some business than mailing postcards?
I DON'T know WHAT ELSE TO DO! I tried newpapers ads, free ads on websides and now I am trying mailing postcards.

any suggestions/ideas....will be greatly apreciated.
thank you