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1083, RE: Marketing ideas for a business selling design services/websites
Posted by salted, Wed Jun-11-08 08:00 AM
We started this whole thing because with our design firm, we hated turning people away that couldn't afford a custom-made website. We wanted to come up with a way for them to get a website at a reasonable price, but not make it look like just a template. That's why we created the websites to be ready-made so that we can customize it to them with their logo, colors, etc. Our heart is to bless other small Christian businesses and churches with a website that looks unique to them and would be something that they could afford. I hope that helps clarify our mission :-)

As far as a marketing plan, that is what I am trying to compile. Right now I have been going "door to door" to businesses around my area and introducing myself while handing out business cards and postcards. I've also sent out mailers to the churches and some Christian businesses in my area. Additionally, I've emailed Christian businesses in my area letting them know who we are. I'm also planning on becoming a part of a business networking group. These all seem like obvious marketing ideas, so I'm open to any out of the box ideas you may have or just normal ones that I may be missing.

Thanks so much for the help already given!