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1075, RE: Marketing ideas for a business selling design services/websites
Posted by outlook, Mon Jun-09-08 04:49 PM
First and foremost, I like your site, but I don't know if you tested it in other browsers. I opened it in FireFox and it was a little slow loading the pictures. Then I checked it out in IE7 and it asked me to download Adobe Flash Player. I don't mind downloads, but for some who aren't that familiar with interacting on the net may see this as a bad thing.

In addition, it may make others wonder if the sites they purchase from you will cause the same problem. Just a thought as to why things may have gotten a little slow.

As for increasing customers maybe offering a special - considering the economy, and the number of pre-designed sites out there. I know a few that offer a trial first, and pay if the customer decides to continue, otherwise the site is discontinued. Also, offer other services like hosting (maybe become a reseller of a hosting service), domain registration, etc. Or maybe offer business cards, logo design, or fliers as a package.

You can also advertise in the Christian newspapers. Most churches have their own, but also check the communities. In S.F. they have one called The Reporter (mostly about churches). Their is also the small local newspapers like Pennysaver, The Advertiser the cater to small businesses.

I know I'm probably not the absolute best on suggestions considering I'm just starting out, but I like to help out.

Good luck,