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Topic subjectI need a eye catchy idea for a postcard?
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1050, I need a eye catchy idea for a postcard?
Posted by majolo0612, Sun Jun-01-08 04:33 PM

I need a eye catching idea for a postcard. I am starting with a new construction cleaning service and I don't know what will be really the best way to advertise my sevices. I am planing on sending this postcards to contractors/builders. Please any ideas will be greatly apreciated.

I would like to use a custom cartoon character with a good phrase. they say the cartoon characters is the best way to abvertise with but I do not know if this true and will work.

what do you think?
have you done this before??

thank you

1051, RE: I need a eye catchy idea for a postcard?
Posted by salted, Mon Jun-02-08 09:37 AM
As far as the cartoon character, it really depends. I tend to think it looks a bit cheesy for a professional business. For a business related to children it's great, but I personally would stay away from that for your other types of business.

A catchy phrase could be "Need someone to do your dirty work?"

Good luck with your business!