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Posted by FileHawk, Thu Dec-14-06 04:44 AM
I've been reading alot lately about web site marketing and Internet marketing and it's been repeated everywhere: content, content, content. You need to have worthy text in your web site that people will want to read about and link to. It's definately tough and alot of work coming up with the content, but it's supposed to be one of the keys to success.

Another thing that I have been reading about is link exhanges. Have quality links as opposed to quantity and irrelavant links that point to your web site. I would have to say that most webmasters do not respond to emails and it gets quite discouraging, but it should generate traffic if you are successful.

Good luck! Know that you are not the only one struggling!

P.S. I saw your web site and I do have a few pointers. Make your product descriptions more elaborate like when you read a catalog with sizes and some more text with details about the product. It's also confusing to navigate through like when you have to scroll down the page to find how to get back to the home page.