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Posted by DanLaBate, Fri Dec-01-06 08:15 AM
Fixing the problem is not just a tweak of one part then another. SEO is best done from the ground up, in this case it requires a re-design. Part of the reason is you are using non-semantic markup. There are guidelines for HTML, your HTML is not currently valid and includes over 22 errors according to the W3C. Are you using a site builder to make the website?

If you want to know what to fix as far as content look at other websites that sell what you sell and do it well.

What are the keywords you want to be found in search engines for?
ex) accessories, jewelry, etc.

As a company we specialize in re-designs, we can discuss an SEO option for you as well. There is just too many factors discuss and would constitute writing a course outline on web design & SEO.

Check out the W3C validation site at to see about the HTML errors.

There are many sites dedicated to discussing SEO as well, Google has a lot of resources.

What I tell every single person about SEO is that anyone can do it, but it takes a lot of time, research, learning, and doing to become proficient at it. If you can afford to practice with your website then don't worry, if you want to be set up correctly from the beginning so you can concentrate on selling then contact a professional. Sure you will spend money to do this, but you have to calculate the amount of revenue lost by not receiving traffic you would have if you contacted an experienced SEO.

Best regards,

Dan La Bate
Creative Director/SEM
engines of creation web design