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Posted by iws, Sat Nov-25-06 05:41 PM
Keep on working. It doesn't happen overnight. A couple of things you can do is to write and submit articles. Be sure you post the articles on your site as well (more content). Links are like roads leading into your site. Check the bottom of the sites you visit and many will have something about links or add url. One of my sites has one you can check out. then check out the link page.

Forums like this one can provide links if you use your signature option. Craigs list is free but be sure to follow the rules. When you add a blog (free too) you can post and link to your own site.

If you want to pay, google adwords (ppc) be sure you learn more first.

These are just a few ways you can get some more traffic. Also, there are lots of ebooks on the subject of SEO.

Again, just keep working.