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Posted by grafman, Sat Nov-18-06 09:25 AM
I think that its important to add that marketing a website isn't just counting on search engines.

Regional marketing happen by you coordinating some advertising and printed materials that all have your URL on them. If your product has local value and not just net value advertise in some of the local neighborhood papers. The ads are usually very inexpensive and the circulation is limited to a subdivision or a smaller area. However, its an inexpensive way to get your message out there that you exist.

Make sure to have a "Promotional Code" on the message so when you ask people "how did you hear about us?" when they call or email an order you'll be able to track the effectiveness of your ads.

You can do similar things on the internet. Go to sites that cater to the interests of your customers. For instance you might find fashion, art, or similar sites where you can post an add. Write articles for these sites and they will normally put up your article with a resource box that has your business name and URL.

Try some of the online free classifieds listings like There are many of these out there and while you may not get a lot of direct business out of them at first the search engines find links back to your site making it more interesting and giving it a higher ranking.

Run a few auctions of your wares on ebay or even get an ebay store. Use their muscle to help get you going. A yahoo store is another way to get some good exposure as well as some good business.

You can also become an Amazon affiliate. Its free and their URL ties you back to some good link equity with the search engines.

Another really good way to market an internet web site is to go to forums and answer questions. There are a ton of folks who do that at this site. Go to women's fashion forums, crafts sites, teen sites, art and design sites, etc.

If you are geared for good production you could offer affiliate opportunities to others who may already sell goods that your products might go with.

The bottom line is that website promotion and online sales is a multi-faceted and you have to fit all of the pieces in your marketing mix.