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Posted by Pepperfire, Tue May-20-08 06:33 AM
Your first task is to find out who the buyer is for the hotel. You might want to start with the smaller chains or individual owners, ie, bed & breakfasts. They can tell you how to compete for their contract and how often they renew their orders. Let them know that you would like to compete, provide them with samples and price list and then follow up when it is time.

Very often the larger chains will hold a sort of trade fair where all of the buyers go to see the products that the chain has chosen for them to choose from (these are fun). They typically will hold these once per year, and if you are in, you're in, but if you miss it... well... sorry bubba, but maybe next year... A contact management system will help you a great deal in following up on the contacts; and I recommend using one.

Good luck with it...

Tina Brooks
VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc.