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Topic subjectMy best marketing effort yet. Client Rewards!
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1036, My best marketing effort yet. Client Rewards!
Posted by MosaicTBS, Thu May-15-08 09:31 AM
Just wanted to share the fact that I love having a points program for my clients.

I have a salon/spa and we give points per dollar spent plus bonus points for prebooking appointments and referring friends. It has been great for getting new clients and for getting current clients to make their next appointment before leaving the salon and coming back for more services. And that is awesome for growth!

My clients love it too. They love getting bonus points, and they really love when they have enough points for a free service.

The program I use is an online program called RewardScan, website is: The program is great, customer service is great, and it's pretty darn cheap for what you get.

I'd definitely recommend anyone wanting to try something new or to try and beat this economy slow-down to sign-up. Oh, btw, it's free to try out.

1037, RE: My best marketing effort yet. Client Rewards!
Posted by VAboy, Thu May-15-08 10:14 AM
Hey Deb!
Wow, you are a godsend. I just found this place looking online for something to use as an incentive for my Health Food clients. Can you tell me about this program a little more, how long have you used it? I just signed up for an account at and it looks pretty powerful, but is it easy to use? I noticed that they have a referral (affilitate?) program should I let someone know that I signed up because of you?

Thanks again for a timely post. I think you saved me hours of time.

Good luck with your salon.