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Topic subjectLooking to promote my site.
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1032, Looking to promote my site.
Posted by Jhimli, Tue May-13-08 10:00 PM
Hi everyone, I have a site that requires some online marketing. I have been using the services of a team but I donā??t seem to have much improvement in my desired areas, I know that there a lot of them to take this work but I need advice from you people to help me decide the one that has good experience and a well established team.

Thanks in advance!!!
1035, RE: Looking to promote my site.
Posted by Pepperfire, Thu May-15-08 05:04 AM
Given the lack of responses to your question, I can only surmise that everyone who has read it is left with the same question I have... What can we help you decide???

If you have specific questions about your existing team, I suggest asking them; if you have specific teams you'd like critiques on, do name them; if you want us to name marketing teams that we would recommend, etc.

Otherwise, the lack of detail to your question doesn't give us much to work with.

To answer your question... certainly, I'll help, but what do you need help with?


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