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Posted by Palkia, Wed May-28-08 04:39 AM
Your website is gorgeous. Great color use and photographs. What keywords are you trying to rank for on the search engines? Make sure you use them early and often in some content on your homepage. The google bots love content. With that in mind, write a series of articles and submit them to article directories on a periodic basis. Top ones are:

Also write some articles for content sharing sites like,, or Generate a following there as well.

Back to your website, make sure each of your title tags on your interior pages have the keywords you are ranking for.

If you really want to generate traffic, put an entertaining series of videos together. They don't have to be fancy. They can look home based. But "entertaining" is the key. Get them on YouTube and include your URL on the video either on the lower right corner or on the last video clip. Use the keywords you want to rank for in the description of your video. You can embed the video onto your blog. There is a company called that automates the process of distributing videos.

If you need more help on how to optimize your website or basic questions about starting your biz, go to They have a free pdf you can download that covers everything about starting a business. Short read, but something to keep on your resource shelf.

Good luck!