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Posted by marke9, Fri Dec-08-06 09:01 AM
IM looking to purchase a landscape company in western ct . the company currently does about 440,000.00 per year gross just mowing and plowing. the company has the equipment to expand in to other things such as garbage dumpsters, the truck for the dumpsters, excavation equipment etc. the current ownener does not utilize this equipment so theres definetly the potential for company growth. the asking price for the buisness is a little less than what all the equipment and vehicles is worth, and every thing is paid off . my question is how would i be able to get a loan for this with a credit score under 600. the owner is willing to hold aproximitaly half the note, so i would need funding for half plus some for capital to make the first couple of mounths payroll and operating expenses. anybody with sugestions please let me know .