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Topic subjectFinding Funding for Two Seperate Projects
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936, Finding Funding for Two Seperate Projects
Posted by Brena, Fri May-27-11 02:20 AM
Hello, I have researched many new projects and found that I would like to move forward on two. Since they are along the same lines of business, I would like to try both at the same time.

I have been looking to try to find grants, and file them, taken out books from the library, internet searches, and speaking with many professionals. I am not having much luck.

If anyone can help me with funding, or finding someone who can write grants, I would appreciate it. I have no business credit. So, a loan is difficult. My personal credit, I would like to continue to keep separate.

I have spoken to numerous business owners who are in business now doing what I am looking to do. They are very successful, and our area is open for such. I will be supported.

I am looking for start-up funding. I have done much research. I am aware of costs, and have come to the amount of $60,000. That is what I need for both projects.

Please let me know what ideas you might have. I have been working for this for some time and feel very frustrated. I am looking for anything to get me going. Thank you ;) ;-)