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Topic subjectFactoring vs Reverse Factoring!
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92, Factoring vs Reverse Factoring!
Posted by Mim, Wed Nov-22-06 08:36 AM
For an alternative method of getting funds for your business
you should take read the article that was written by Steven
Windhaus in this week's Scripps Howard Business Newsletter.
Reverse Factoring is the up and coming way for small to medium
size businesses who accept Visa/MC and have been in business
for at least 8 months to 1 year qualify for anywhere from
$2000 to $250,000! The qualifications are fairly easy to meet
and usual turnaround time is 10 - 12 business days from
qualifing to receiving the money direct deposited into your
business account. If you'll Google the following, it will take
you to this very interesting article: windhaus + scripps +
factoring and the first article on that page is the one
written by Steven Windhaus who is the Business writer for
Scripps Howard. 
101, RE: Factoring vs Reverse Factoring!
Posted by maileen, Mon Dec-18-06 09:20 AM
Can you explain what Factoring is? Specifically within the temporary staffing industry? Besides the strength of the client's invoices, what other factors determine whether or not I qualify.

Also, are you aware of any databases that are free that exist to show whether or not a business is credit worthy?

Thanks - Maileen