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Topic subject Are there Grants/Capital for struggleing businesses?
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906, Are there Grants/Capital for struggleing businesses?
Posted by crinkle, Mon Dec-16-13 02:00 AM
My husband and I have been running our business for 4 years now. We are third generation owners, in which the business was started in 1951. The first year was great, then the economy took a turn for the worst. One of our major companies we supplied, year round, has gone bankrupt. With the rising fuel costs, it has hit us hard. We depend on Diesel to operate. We have been surviving on credit cards and loans to make it threw this last winter. Spring, Summer, and Fall we can stay busy with fence orders, but come winter time again, since losing our year round company, I don't know how or what we will do to survive. We have never been so stressed and broke in our lives. Our credit has suffered due to late payments. We had to put everything on the line(Our home) to purchase the business to begin with. No one will give us a loan. We are maxed out on credit cards. Have alrady borrowed what we can off friends and family. Does anyone know of any grants/support out there for people in our situation? Unless new markets open up & fuel prices go down, I don't know what we will do.