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Posted by NaimaLynah, Mon Jan-17-11 11:23 AM
Hi Brian:

I fully understand where your at and your frustration. I did not and do not have credit card debt. But I am in serious debt. I lost my job to downsizing a year ago. Took on a job that paid me slightly more then unemployment. We have struggled for the past year, are wayyyy behind in our mortgage payments.

I just started my new business a few months ago. Fortunately it's one that I don't have to have inventory or purchase inventory. It's slow going, but it's building again and I'm standing on God's Word that it will turn around.

I agree that with a 745 credit score, (since credit scores are a very important part of our lives) I would not jeopardize it. Take the few minutes to listen to your other replier. He just might have that answer that you need.

My score is way below 745 so I have no way in which to refinance my home. I have to keep plugging on as I've been doing and building my business and believing that I can get out of this deep financial hole.

Keeping you in prayer!!
Naima Lynah
East Coast Green Energy