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897, RE: Credit card debt
Posted by jkundert, Thu Jan-06-11 04:45 AM

I understand where you are at, but you have a 745 credit score, if i were in your shoes I am not sure i would want to risk that, if you take a look at what can happen to your credit score when you stop paying those cards you are putting yourself in worse financial place. If your score drops below 640 you will not ever be able to refinance your home or even purchase a new home. I understand you maybe frustrated I know you dont want any solititations but I am here to help as a finance consultant i may have options for you that can make the situation better, we should take a look at the whole picture not just the credit card issues, what is your business, is there a way to supplement what you are doing to make it easier. I am a stranger wanting to become a true friend, I want to help you