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Posted by barefootcole, Thu Dec-23-10 09:26 AM
Been there, done that. My ONLY regret is that I didn't stop paying sooner. I should have stayed in my home until they physically removed me, while collecting a small paycheck-although small, without all the payments it seemed MUCH bigger! If you can, make any large purchases NOW with your 745. Pay off your car! My car was just repoed and now I have no credit to get to work even if I had a job. I am too old (or smart) to worry about credit recovery. I do not plan to use credit ever again. I too was not irresponsible with money or my payments, the economy ate my business, and what happened after that was completely out of my control.

I can tell you this, after years of worrying and struggling, the weight that was lifted off of me when I made that decision, I cannot even put into words. I would rather be content with no credit than the opposite!