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895, Credit card debt
Posted by Brian, Tue Dec-21-10 01:15 PM
Before i begin, I do NOT wish to have ANY solicitations from those who are in any financial offerings!

With the economy going down the drain over the past 2.5 (+/-) years, I turned to credit cards to keep cash flow going and am now in considerable debt.

My business has seen a reduction in sales close to 100k per year for the past 3 years... (777k in 2006, 324k this year and in looking at my current credit card debt, I am just damn tempted to stop paying all of them and would see a 50-60% 'raise' so to speak in the cash flow.

I have never been late, never payed less then twice the minimum... but this is just wearing me out to the point where I could care less that I have a credit rating of 745.

As a test, I called one that has a little higher rate than others and told them that with the economy, I was strugling a bit and was told there was nothing they could do... Well, if they cant... I CAN !!

In the morning I will talk to my bank and get her thoughts... but I know what I would like to do.

Any comments and or ideas are quite welcome !