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880, Funding Available No Upfront Fees
Posted by Kelly22, Sun Apr-25-10 07:21 AM
I work with Angel Investors,private lenders, Venture Capital Funds and Investment bankers who are looking for unique companies and individuals with great investment ideas.

1)Companies looking for funding: If you are in business over 5 months or have sales that exceed a $5,000 or you have patents or patents pending send me an email with your business plan. I have equity and debt funding available for the right company.

2)personal loans:The lenders I work with strictly require that borrowers have a good income, and financial stability before granting this type of loan. Those with excellent credit and a strong repayment history can obtain low-interest, no-fee personal loans.
However, applicants with low/average credit score can also be accommodated but the interest may be five % higher than the market rate.

3)Real estate project. You must have commitments in the project.Meaning you must have money already invested into the deal or i am not interested. Usually a couple million minimum invested by insiders will do the trick.... I will only be pay interest to projects that promises viable returns needed to fund your project.

To avoid delay in response you can cc your mail to
I look forward to your response in earnest.
Mr.Myles Murray
5109 Ruxton Drive
Lanham, Maryland 20706