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798, RE: Hope and a prayer that someone can help me
Posted by LisaPR, Tue Aug-04-09 08:08 AM

You are in a bit of a pickle. First of I want to commend you for being debt free. That is an admirable thing even if the world says it?s not. You can increase your credit score and still maintain your cash only lifestyle.

The fastest way to increase your personal credit score is to get a secured credit card. Secured credit cards are regular credit cards but you secure it with a savings account or CD deposit. After about six months they usually will increase your credit limit without requiring additional deposits. I would suggest if possible to deposit at least $1,000 and purchase something for about $200-400. Pay it off in 3- 6 months and do not purchase anything else on the card until that is paid off. Always pay more than the minimum due. Keep doing this until you see an increase in the credit score. You need to get up to 675 at least. Try and get one with a special promotion with zero to low interest rate for the first 6-12 month. This should keep your expense down.

Everyone else raised some serious issues to consider - the 10 year lease is a problem for me as well especially since this is a new business and you currently do not have experience running a full-fledged business. Also with this economy anything could happen. Before you do anything develop your business plan. A good plan will tell you how much you need to start the business including payroll needs, build-out on the property, utilities and other expenses for the first 6 months of the launch. Be prepared to have to pay these and other expenses out of pocket for the first 6-12 months.

Try raising money from the vendors who would rent space from you. You can collect fees up front and that will get you started. A loan program may look on that favorably. Try friends and family don?t ask for the full amount needed but for a smaller amount that they feel comfortable with.

Good Luck.