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777, Forex Automoney ??
Posted by RonTheD0n, Fri May-15-09 09:33 PM
So..for several years I've been pretty active in the 'regular' stock market.. and I'm not going to say by any means I've mastered the game.. but I'm certainely no novice. In any event, lately I've decided I would like to begin to expand my horizons trying new things and exploring different trade markets. So, over the past few weeks now I've been looking into and learning about this whole FOREX market. And personally, at least to me, the FOREX market is by far the most complicated and confusing. And to my understanding, also potentially the most risky. Now, as for my question...

I've stumbled across this website .. which offers this elaborate signal service Forex Automoney that CLAIMS 1,215% in earnings. So, I've checked out the site, read around about it, and heard nothing but good things. What attracts me to it personally is it seems to really be catered or geared towards the beginner/novice. For the service they charge about 100$ a month, which to me really seems like alot. However, for like 4$ they give you a 3 day trial. I signed up for this trial yesterday, and been beta testing for the past 2 days. To my surprise, so far i've consistantly experienced incredible results.. And I'm probably going to continue the membership after trial. But my question is: Could this and I guess other successful signals overall perhaps be just a short term phenomenon-effective for while, but eventually burn out? Is 1,215% really a realistic reality in the LONG term? And J/w, but does neone know exactly how these things actually work/function behind the scenes? ..