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Topic subjectRE: Business Funding vs. Personal Credit
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778, RE: Business Funding vs. Personal Credit
Posted by bizconsultant, Tue May-26-09 05:10 AM
Its best to establish business credit totally seperate from your personal credit.

Its easier to do and there are more financial benefits to it. You should always take care of and build up your personal credit of course, but business credit gets what you need done for your business.

If interested in business credit lines/establishment, we offer a free business credit builder program when you purchase an annual membership to and if interested, just send an email titled "FREE Biz Credit Promo" to
>Ok, so I'm in the idea/planning stages of putting a small
>business together.
>I am recently divorced and as a result my credit took a huge
>My question is...can I still obtain funding through grants and
>etc. even though my credit is shot? If not, how do i get
>around this, aside from trying to get my credit back up to
>par, of course.