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Topic subjectRE: Business Funding vs. Personal Credit
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767, RE: Business Funding vs. Personal Credit
Posted by LisaPR, Mon Apr-27-09 08:14 AM
Tommy first grants epecially from the government are mostly for non-profit business. In term of for profit business the business has to be something the would benefit the community at large - housing developers, technology, new energy innovations, etc.

Second I highly recommend you start repairing your personal credit. Contrary to popular belief but for small businesses 90% of any funding sources will check your personal credit history. Now, you can send a letter to all three credit bureaus explaining why your credit took a hit and ask them to include it with your credit report. This way whoever pulls it will have a readily available explanation.

Lisa Douglas, Inklusion PR
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>Ok, so I'm in the idea/planning stages of putting a small
>business together.
>I am recently divorced and as a result my credit took a huge
>My question is...can I still obtain funding through grants and
>etc. even though my credit is shot? If not, how do i get
>around this, aside from trying to get my credit back up to
>par, of course.