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Topic subjectRE: Disabled Veteran Looking for Grants to Start Business
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734, RE: Disabled Veteran Looking for Grants to Start Business
Posted by Roseb441702, Mon Apr-06-09 02:46 PM
>As much as dislike having to use the term Disabled Veteran, I
>have to, I have been declared unemployable by the VA and the
>government, the money I get from the government is not nearly
>enough to send my kids to college, pay bills, etc. I have
>started a small business at home that specializes in high
>quality toys and gifts. The company I use is a huge source
>internationally but it has no presence in my area and I would
>love to open a shop here to introduce these products to my
>area. My problem is, like everything else, is money. I am
>looking for grants that may be available for someone in my
>condition. The company I my products from actually approved me
>for payments on term with no interest. But to outfit a BM
>store will take more than what they have approved me for. I am
>very serious about this, I have no choice but to run my own
>business because of my disabilities, I am ambitious and
>dedicated to achieve. Please if anyone has any info, please
>post it.
You have to have a more basic understanding about grant programs in general and while there have been grant programs for veterans to start their own business the ones that I have found for clients are for businesses that they start on their own and not like the kind you mention above.

Now while it may still be possible for you to be eligible for some grant programs there are things that you are going to need and the main one of them is a business plan. Even though you posted that you are serious about what it is that you want to do you are going to have to show it!

Another aspect of being able to find grant programs that you are eligible for would be for you to specifically map out how much grant money you will need and what you will use the grant money for.

Finding grant programs can be very hard work but there are many grant programs out there!