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Posted by Jules, Tue Mar-31-09 04:42 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am in the process of trying to help our local animal shelter find funding. What they are wanting is to staff 1 dog trainer/behaviorist within one or two years and beable to run a training/humane education program that would be able to sustain itself and the employee within three years. By doing this they hope to increase humane awareness and be able to save more dogs through rehabilitation and education. We are still working on program plans/marketing plans.

The reason for them wanting to hire an employee is their low populated, extremely rural area which has not allowed for enough volunteers to do the work. Essentially it has become a full-time job for several of their volunteers. Training volunteers can become expensive and with a trainer, volunteers could be provided with the education they would need to handle the companion animals. The volunteers could be more effective and in turn the dogs would get what they need too.

Does anyone have thoughts on where to look for funding? I have been researching grants but have come up empty. Most grants don't cover shelter employment. Maybe I am looking in the wrong direction? All ideas will be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.