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712, Investors in LLC
Posted by chasjmac, Wed Apr-15-09 01:17 AM
I'm trying to determine the best way for my father to invest money into my brand new LLC business. It's a small company but I'm not sure the best way.
I appreciate any feedback!
715, RE: Investors in LLC
Posted by bizconsultant, Tue Mar-17-09 03:50 AM
Make him a partner for a specified percentage. Execute a partnership agreement in accordance with LLC structure.

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718, RE: Investors in LLC
Posted by LisaPR, Tue Mar-17-09 05:21 AM
It could be done as a loan from him to the business. Try, they specialize in formalizing loans between friends and family.

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Posted by yahooloancentre, Thu Apr-09-09 08:58 AM
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