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Topic subjectRE: Is there funding available for small business.
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711, RE: Is there funding available for small business.
Posted by jynellb, Fri Mar-13-09 09:40 AM
There is funding available for small businesses. However, it is becoming more difficult these days, even with the stimulus package. I would reference the U.S. Small Business Administration and if you want to obtain a loan under $25,000, you should reference their Community Express Loan. Based upon your needs and credit score, this can usually be processed within 48 hours. So, not sure if that would help or not.

Another idea is looking at grants. A great resource which I actually worked on with my company is at I am a business and, more importantly, a grant and government relations attorney of 15 years. Have worked with a number of clients to obtain grants for them over the years. Most of your grant opps are going to be with a not-for-profit organization, unless you have an educational, technological or some other innovative concept. Check out the product and see if it fits for you. We walk you through how to search for grants, obtain grants and respond to grants. Clearly, this is not an overnight process where the government hands you a check. However, it may be worth exploring for your long-term business case model.