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Topic subjectRE: Is there funding available for small business.
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703, RE: Is there funding available for small business.
Posted by busiguy, Fri Feb-13-09 03:30 PM
"We need funding to increase inventory levels to accomodate this substantial growth."

Hi Gary,

Congratulations on the growth opportunity.

I know with many companies in the medical/dental and health-care industry, a substantial amount of money can get tied up in delinquent accounts receivable, returned checks, slow-paying clients etc.

While this might not provide an instant solution to your financial situation, recovering your overdue accounts certainly wouldn't hurt.

My company handles this for several Fortune 500 clients, as well as about 60,000 other companies around the world. We work off of a flat fee as low as $10 per account instead of a percentage charge, and all the money we recover goes to you directly.

Even if you decide not to use our service, I can talk to you about some options.


(626) 818-6548