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Topic subjectIs there funding available for small business.
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691, Is there funding available for small business.
Posted by MedVenture, Fri Feb-06-09 08:41 AM
We are a small medical supply distributor that has been in business for 2 years. We started the business with our own personal funds feeling that when we hit the 2 year mark banks would be willing to offer some traditional financing. We are on the verge of reaching profitability and have just signed a contract with a large customer that will triple the sales of our business and make us profitable. We need funding to increase inventory levels to accomodate this substantial growth. We have looked at factoring, purchase order financing and other traditional methods. None solve the issue of getting the large inventory in stock immediately to accomodate the quick growth. Are there companies that can get creative enough to structure a line of credit that will accomodate this need.

Thanks for your insight!