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Posted by Phanntom, Thu Jan-22-09 03:26 PM
Gary, my comments weren't negative, they were simply realistic. We both know that unless you're in the clothing business where factoring got it's start, it's considered the lender of last resort and sends a signal to your customers your weak financial position.

It's been years since anyone's approached me to factor my receivable but when I looked it, it was like payday loans for businesses. They only wanted to factor the prime accounts and at an outragous interest rate, or discount as they wanted to call it...something like 14%/month as I recall...might be wrong on that. But, unless I have the IRS ready to padlock my doors, why would I sell my invoices that I know I'm going to be paid on-time for at a discount. If I was going to factor any, it would be the slow-pays, but the factoring companies don't want those.

Factoring aside, my comments about the current lending environment are dead on accurate. Try funding an equipment purchase through GE Capital, the largest equipment lender in the country...nada...they don't have the money to lend...hell..General Motors, and Chrysler can't borrow a dime and they're asset heavy but cash poor.

I won't begrudge you for trying to make a living, but don't try to make people believe that the credit markets are wide open, they are not.
Take care...