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Posted by CCA, Tue Jan-20-09 04:35 AM

Leaving Denny's reoccurring negative comments aside, Lenders are still in the business to lend, banks are still looking for deals. Everyone participating on the commercial finance side are working together trying to help small businesses. I speak with the banking community daily and these people come to work everyday same as everyone else.

Granted there are companies out there that largely through mis-management have put their businesses at risk. In this new era of responsibility some are going to loose their company. But the name of the game is having a good solid business model and focused new business development (sales).

Your position as consultant to these sorts of companies is viable and needed. Let me know if I can help to advise you on structuring a turnaround and turning you onto some sources of capital.

My company is Creative Capital Associates, Inc. we provide receivable factoring services nationwide. For over a decade our clients have been able to continue their growth through the access to working capital.

Good luck with your plans,


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