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Topic subject250K in Biz Credit Lines 4 U 2 Start Your Business - Regardless of credit
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648, 250K in Biz Credit Lines 4 U 2 Start Your Business - Regardless of credit
Posted by bizconsultant, Tue Dec-02-08 03:27 PM
Get Up To $250K In Biz Credit REGARDLESS of Personal Credit

The Business Credit portion of our Build A Business Workshop Dear Anthony, If you are in need of business credit without high cost and without using your personal credit rating, don't miss out on this opportunity to get these resources and strategies. Sincerely, Anthony Jones

The 250K Business Credit Strategy - Guaranteed Approval - No Risk
In conjunction with the options offered in our Ultimate Funding Solutions program and using the format of our Build A Business Workshop, we will be holding a webinar/teleconference in which you will have the opportunity to dicsuess how to get your business approved for up to $250K in business credit AND you will be able to access a strategy to pay for the associated cost. You will :
a) Teleconference with our financial sources regarding the program. These credit lines are good for working capital,equipment purchases,auto leases,inventory,office supplies, advertising and vendor services.
b) Complete documentation to get started
c) Discuss specific strategies for YOUR business (based on your registration info) to utilize the credit lines
d) Discuss a strategy to have the initial expenses covered by a smaller credit line

ALL BUSINESSES ARE GUARANTEED TO GET APPROVED FOR UP TO $250K IN BUSINESS CREDIT BY USING OUR RESOURCES AND STRATEGIES OR YOUR REGISTRATION COST WILL BE REFUNDED. The cost of the teleconference/webinar is only $495.00 and all applications and registration fee's must be in no later then Thursday, December 4th, by 6pm Central Standard Time. . Where & WhenOnline ( - you will receive your link with registration)December 5th, 20085:00PM CST

Register Now for The Same Cost as The Build A Business Workshop
To register, go to , on the Contact Us page you will see a drop down menu with the options for registering for The Build A Business Workshop. Pick the first option. Then download the registration form and either fax it to us or email it to us.
Normal Program Price: $2,500.00