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Topic subjectCommercial credit tightening at banks - here is a solution
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642, Commercial credit tightening at banks - here is a solution
Posted by CCA, Wed Nov-19-08 09:56 AM
Try an invoice factoring company that provides business financing through the purchase of business accounts receivables.
A typical client of this solution would be:

1. Early or growth stage but must have incoming revenues (invoices).
2. Not necessarily profitable yet, can have negative net worth.
3. Very steep growth curve (dealing with larger than usual contracts or orders). Inconsistent income - high then low.
4. A service or product based company.
5. B2B only - no retail/consumer.
6. One who needs to move quickly (can start to fund in 7-10 days).
7. We base our decision on the credit of the client's "customers", not the client's (prospect) own financials.
8. Only need a current A/R aging report to determine whether the deal is fundable.

Check about bringing working capital into your business.
We have been funding nationwide for over a decade.

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