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Posted by bizdev, Sat Oct-21-06 02:43 AM
> It is really more of an internet service
>then it is business. That comes to my first question, does
>that still count as a business? I will be making money from
>the advertisments, and I am providing a service for people.
>Question number 2. Do the SBA provide and loans or grants for
>that type of business? And if so, does your credit score have
>anything to do with the decision?

If you are providing a service and making from it it's a business. Even if you're not making money (i.e. not successful) it's a business. Just because it's on the Internet that doesn't mean it's not a business. You still need to register the business and depending on what type of business you may need to be licensed. You still need to pay taxes.

And, no, the SBA will probably not give you a loan. They will require excellent credit, 30% of your own cash, a business plan and experience in the industry.