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Topic subjectStubborn determination goes blank...
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625, Stubborn determination goes blank...
Posted by alyssa, Mon Oct-13-08 01:29 PM
Hello All,

I am forging forward with stubborn determination, accepting nothing but positive to come through...although I am painfully aware of the negative. One speed bump that I would love to have help over is the questionable format to set my business up. LLC? "C" corp? Uhhh. Isn't it common for the single mom's out there wishing to make it without depending on three jobs and a support check that never came to not have a cent to spare? I now do, thankfully, have a bit extra to devote to starting my dream. I know that I have to be incorporated or at least named as a LLC etc. to open an account and deposit money from my online business. Do I need an attorney. How about an accountant? Both? I want to protect myself and don't want to be double taxed. I honestly know that my talent will succeed and my up-all-night dedication to my dream will make it happen; I do need to go though the steps to get there and set myself up for success both mentally and legally.
Please; any advise will be welcome and cherished! Oh! If anyone would like to be my "big brother" or "big sister" adviser; I would be honored and soooo thankful for any encouragement and ideas!