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Topic subjectRE: Has anyone heard of funding for the restaurant business
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600, RE: Has anyone heard of funding for the restaurant business
Posted by bizdev, Mon Aug-18-08 02:37 PM
>>Ever since that late night infomercial popped up on tv
>>ago offering a book full of free government money
>>people have gotten stuck on the notion that you can get
>>for anything, including starting or expanding a
>>business. There simply are no free handouts.
>>Funding must be gotten the old fashioned way...hard work
>>savings. Or family/friends pitching in with loans. Even if
>>are able to qualify for SBA backed loans, you still need
>>provide a good 30% of the cash yourself (along with
>>That cool site is undoubtedly making tons of money off of
>>people that are duped into buying their "guide"
>>Startup & Biz Plan Help
>Unfortunately this is just not true. As someone that does
>grant research for a living you don't have to take my word for
>it. Just look at the grant programs that are listed right
>here on the business owner's cafe site! I hardly think that
>you could call this site a scam!
Grant Basics 101

Usually when people are looking for grants for their businesses they are in need of big money. While $1500 from sources such as Idea Cafe, would no doubt come in handy, it's hardly enough to start a business. Plus the competition is unbelievable. The chance of winning such a grant is miniscule.

Funny how we never hear from your "clients" about all the grants that they've won.

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