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526, Would you invest?
Posted by daniel_heath, Wed May-07-08 09:55 AM
Hello there,

I've got a simple idea to increase fuel efficiency of diesel generators using off the shelf parts.

My idea is to buy diesel generators, add a custom fuel system, and sell them to businesses in the Caribbean countries. My generator can make electricity for 75% less than they buy it from their utility company. Cool thing is, even if fuel prices go crazy, so will electric prices at the same time in the caribbean.

It pays for itself plus saves cash for the customer. It's neato.

I'd need $2000 bucks to test the idea out. It's been built and tested before by others on the net.

Whadda think?

P.S. China's market is huge. All those skyscrapers in Hong Kong...I could save them 30% while the generator pays for itself at the same time!