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50, Ongoing business looking for members...
Posted by MontysGourmet, Thu Sep-28-06 03:55 AM
Monty's Gourmet Foods L.L.C. is currently looking for investor members to join it's L.L.C.

Monty's Gourmet is a gourmet foods vendor with 37 international awards for it's line of hot sauces and picante sauces. The company was formerly known as MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C., but we have reformatted the business so we can expand our line into wing sauces, steak sauces, BBQ sauces, and many other gourmet food lines.

We currently have a retail store open to the public, and we are pursuing wholesale sales contracts as well as internet sales at We are also looking at franchise opporunities for our retail store.

Each membership unit is equal to 1% of the business, and is priced at $5500 per unit.

If interested please visit