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Topic subjectI need Help Setting up Investors & Returns
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495, I need Help Setting up Investors & Returns
Posted by CJL Ohio, Thu Mar-13-08 08:13 AM
Hi Eveyone-
I posted awhile back about Big Bank Blues, Thanks to those who replied! Well I am still working on my project, a small restaurant start up, and It looks like I am going to bring in a few smaller investors. I have 2 of the 5 I need lined up and I have to pitch my plan soon. I have not gotten with my CPA as it is that time of the year, the lawyer is my next stop but I know he'll want money just for talking about so I am looking here for some advice on how to set this up.

They are going to be limited investors, How do I set this up?

Do I lay out terms for retun and dates buy out?
Do I just let it go and grow and buy them out as I can or as they want out?

Thanks in advance

CJL, Ohio