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445, Financial help
Posted by smokinbones, Sat Nov-17-07 04:11 AM
Good day all,

First let me say that I am new here, and am impressed with all there is to be had. I too am in need of financial help, I have a business plan for selling slow smoked and bbq foods. I have several venues that will enable me to be very successful at this. I am looking for ways to raise 30,000 - 35,000 to buy the necessary equpiment needed. I don't have very good credit, and the whole grant thing is not going to be of use. I bought the book about free money and it makes a great paper weight.

No I don't accept credit cards. I am looking for a great investor that will allow me to create and be successful.

Thanks to all.
449, RE: Financial help
Posted by raisecapital01, Wed Nov-21-07 11:31 AM
Searching for grants is a hard venture. There are aways alternatives in raising money. What ever venture you are trying to get into, you should consult people doing it outside the market. They may want own some of the market value.
450, RE: Financial help
Posted by Strategist, Fri Nov-23-07 05:00 PM
If you think you need 35K, then you'll need more, so a good business plan will be helpful.

I would start with the One Page Business Plan book, which will help you get focused. I have good business plan resources at

Then go to your local SBA office for help. And take some classes from your local SCORE.

There are a variety of ways to get $
F/F (family/friends)
Local grants available
SBA Help
Local Community or Economic Development Office.

That should get you started.
456, RE: Financial help
Posted by smokinbones, Fri Nov-30-07 02:04 AM
In response to the replies so far;
Yes I do have a business plan, and do have many venues in planning
stages for this. Another area I am interested in is in 2-3 yrs, if this goes well, I would like look into franchising out. I have been working on this end of things as well with other professionals. I have been very dilligent in respect to not going over board with start up expenses. I have been working very closely with a very successful restaurant owner and he is giving me insight as to what to expect.
Like I stated before I am looking to attract a small investor, I have checked on Midwest Investers network, But they deal with much larger amounts of money.

Again, thank you in advance for all your help.