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442, Financing
Posted by CG, Wed Nov-07-07 08:59 AM
I am currently looking for more financing. The banks only let me borrow a portion of what I needed and I need about $60K. I have tried different resources and they all require to be in businesses for more than a year. I moving to bigger and better shopping center since the one I am in is not bringing in any sales for me.

444, RE: Financing
Posted by raisecapital01, Thu Nov-15-07 05:48 PM
What kind of business you are in?
455, RE: Financing
Posted by mbmouse, Wed Nov-28-07 06:17 AM

I am new to this forum and am interested in your question however, I am not quite clear on what kind of financing you are needing. Are you looking for operating capital or money to buy a place in the new shopping center?

mbmouse :)