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432, 401k financing
Posted by wal5858, Mon Nov-05-07 08:09 AM
Hello everyone. I heard of a process that enables you to use your 401k without incurring any fees or penalties. The process entails creating a corporation, then establishing a 401k plan for the new corporation, rolling over your 401k funds into the new plan, and then purchasing the company's stock. Has anybody else heard about this program or has the experience in actually setting it up? Greatly appreciated!
Posted by yahooloancentre, Fri Apr-10-09 12:35 AM
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746, RE: 401k financing
Posted by CAFS, Fri Apr-10-09 07:32 AM
The process is basically the way you explained it. The account is actually called a "self directed 401k". It can be setup by a number of companies that you can find online but you can also go to some one like Scott and Stringfellow, JD Edwards or the like to get detailed advice on the process.

People usually use this to purchase land/buidlings then the leasing/rental income generates a return for your 401k account but it can be used for other purposes.

Like I said an investment professional can give you more details on this. Try talking with your bank they usually own an investment company these days and they can put you intouch with someone that can give you the details and limitations.