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Posted by FireIce, Fri Sep-08-06 04:19 PM
Hi everyone!

I am currently starting a boutique marketing company focusing on two things. The first is finding corporate sponsorships for a variety of sports-related clients. The second is to help young entrepreneurs with marketing (consulting, writing marketing plans, etc.). I already have a large list of prospective clients and I have some pricing questions perhaps someone could help me with.

I understand for sponsorships I will have to be on a commission-only basis at the beginning (to establish credibility and also due to clients budgets).

What is a fair commission to take on getting sponsorships? The sponsors I'm going after will range from $500-100,000.

Second, what is a fair price to charge young entrepreneurs who are starting (or have already established a company) to write a new marketing plan or revise an existing marketing plan?

Thank you so much for your advice and feel free to reach me at