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Topic subjectHow do you find investors???
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414, How do you find investors???
Posted by chaimFL, Mon Oct-15-07 04:36 AM
I've worked for many years in the government sales and quality assurance fields. I started working for an aviation company that initially trained me to do business with the government and what they expect from a quality assurance stand point (packaging, marking, electronic invoicing, quality standards and tests...etc.). About a year ago I left the aviation company to start and head a government sales department for an automotive and marine company. In a years time I took their product and sold over $1,000,000.00 in spares to the military and this was my startup year with them.

I know the system so well that I've been "dying" to start my own company selling products to the US Government, but I don't have any capital to start with and bad credit that prevents me from getting loans. I know grants exist, but they exist primarily for specific "causes" or scenarios that I don't seem to fit.

I'm really in the beginning stages of planning, so I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but what are the best ways to get investors? I'm probably looking for $50,000 or so to start with. My only cost is buying the product that I will be selling to the government, but no purchases will be made until there is a contract for the government to buy to item. Literally any money I spend will be guarenteed to be replaced. I'm not explaining it very well here, but I'm trying to be concise. If anyone wants more details I can provide...