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Posted by Roseb441702, Sun Sep-10-06 06:52 PM
>My husband and I have been given the opportunity to lease a
>restaurant. It has every thing needed to open except the
>equipment- because of our OK credit and lack of any money(due
>to raising 4 kids under 12) we haven't been able to get a
>loan. The name of the place is Train Depot(located next to an
>Amtrak depot) We plan to have a train themed menu and
>decorations. It will be a family friendly home-cooked
>restaurant. The building owner has agreed to give us 4 months
>free then a graduated lease. All we need is money for
>equipment and food. If any one has ideas of where we can get
>help please let me know
> Annabelle Williams

Since you can not get a loan you may want to look into finding an investor or sponsor. There are still investors and angel investors and venture capitalist and you may be able to find funding help there.

As for grant programs or funding programs where you don't have to pay back the money yours is a slightly different case in that you aren't a new start-up. You should look into it from a "location" point of view meaning there may be a funding program that is related to that particular area.