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Posted by Strategist, Fri Nov-23-07 05:27 PM
Do you have a school nearby that has "shop" or a technical college? Possibly you can find someone who really is interested in the industry whom your husband can mentor; for pay of course, part time now. OR some areas have Worksource or Unemployment offices and if you find someone there you can train, you maybe eligible for discounts.

That would give you part time help that could end up full time. You can even hire two part timers.


On the other hand, if you were my client, this is what I'd tell you to do. Write a one-page business plan for what your husband position in the company, and one for your part of the growing company.

Then write one for all the things you want a new employee to do or a marketing person. Include in the "new position" everything you don't enjoy doing but need to be doing to run a business you can someday sell it. (ya, I know it's early to think abou this, but growing businesses in the "know" structure their businesses with the end in mind. It's much easier doing it this way than changing everything a year from now.)


What usually happens when a growing business hires others, is that your business grows. And at the rate you're going, it's a big possiblity that is what will happen to your company.


And if you don't have a good system for accounting, that includes a payroll system, I'd work on that pronto.