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Posted by VisionMaster, Mon Nov-05-07 10:41 AM

It is very good to see someone THINKING about the future. What you need to do is sit down and Think through the process. You have a sales event that finds customers who "may" use your service in the future and a service that needs to respond at a moments notice.

A couple of things you can do:
:-) Look at history for Customer Sign-up vs. work performed. The idea is to get a feeling of how much work to expect from one new customer. (Yes I know they are all different - business is not a walk in the park...)
:-) Now make a list of customers to approach and sign
:-) ALSO make a list of houly workers you could get to help you. Maybe friends and family have Saturdays free and you could give s discount to the customer for Saturday work...

Whne looking for capital, loan or equity, you want the money to be used for the bottom line not just to cover expenditures. If you cannot add new profits to the bottom line then the employee may not be the right answer.

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Bill Joyce