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Topic subjectHiring an employee ?? WHEN?
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405, Hiring an employee ?? WHEN?
Posted by allie, Wed Oct-03-07 02:37 PM
My business has been going for 6 months. We do leather, vinyl and fabric restoration. Our primary target market has been the automotive business. We have done almost double our projected revenue in our business plan and we're in the positive financially- revenue was the highest yet in September. I'm not sure if business will get slower during the winter.
My husband is the primary and only technician right now. He keeps his days filled but there are slow times. We have dealerships that except him to be there on certain days of the week. We also do windshield chip repairs. The response to that has far exceeded our expectations.
I want to branch out. I want to optimize our website, I want to start targeting other markets. Bus fleets, restaurants, hotels. We live on the Ocean and there are yachts and boats all around us. The possibilities are endless.
This is my main question. What if I get on the phone and get all kinds of business and my husband can't keep up. I am able to assist him with some of the work. We are coming into a rainy season and we are a mobile service so there is going to be alot more time required to set up a portable tent to drive vehicles under. Should I be looking at our business plan and trying to get a business loan to pay another salary? I'm new to biz...
Do we hire someone now and start to train and hope we get enough business to pay his salary? Any input would be greatly appreciated.